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  Starvation Days,  A Prisoner of War Diary by George B. Nelson
as published in 1996 by The Rio Vista Museum Association.  Nelson was a 21-year-old Marine when he was taken prisoner on the island of Corregidor by the Japanese in 1942.  He spent two years in prison camps in the Philippines and worked as a prisoner in a Japanese copper mine.  This book is his diary presented as originally written while he was held captive with additional recollections, maps and timelines.
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Additional Items available at the museum

Gawking Guide for Geezers Calendars (photographs from local artists)
Schmitty’s Short Stories and Poems – Volume I (1986)
By Lloyd Schmidt
Coffee Mugs and Plastic Cup (with Rio Vista Museum logo)
Schmitty’s Short Stories and Poems – Volume II (1987)
By Lloyd Schmidt
Hot Rods of Rio Vista (DVD)
Schmitty’s Short Stories and Poems (1991)
By Lloyd Schmidt
Lucky Horseshoe
Schmitty’s Short Stories and Poems (1998)
By Lloyd Schmidt
Movies filmed locally (DVDs – titles vary on availability)
The Best of Schmitty’s Short Stories (1999)
By Lloyd Schmidt
Postcards (photos from Rio Vista’s past)
King & Queen of the River (1995)
By Stan Garvey
T-Shirts – White & Colored (with Rio Vista Museum logo)
The Tule Breakers
The Story of the California Dredge
(1983 )
By John Thompson & Edward Dutra
Walking Tour pamphlet – Rio Vista, California (compiled by the Rio Vista Museum)
This is Your Life Story  
Humphrey the Whale